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Our clones are cut to order, please allow for 14-30 day rooting times.


Purple Ice Water is - (Ice Cream Cake x Grape Cream Cake) from Bloom Seed Co.


This is our in house selected phenotype. This cut stood out from the others due to it's color, resin production and flavor. Yields across the board were great with each pheno, with this cut having the best structure for production because of it's ease of training and lack of extra leaf. This cut finishes in 56-63 days under LEDs.


Flavor - Fermented grapes & gas

Yield - Very high

Washing Percentage - 4%

60-65 day Flower Time

Purple Ice Water

PriceFrom $60.00
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  • Shipping only to the Continental U.S.

    Please expect a period of 14-30 days before shipment of clones due to rooting times. All clones are shipped using USPS Priority Mail, due to variance in pricing depending on your location we will contact you with the correct shipping rates.

    Do not hesitate to contact us about your order or if you have other questions!

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