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9lb Fruit is a cross of (9lb Hammer x Fruit Fight)

A heavy yielding plant with tall stacking colas and a flowering time of 56-63 days. The flavor resembles a creamy orange juice sometimes hints of peaches and hits very hard with a sativa like buzz. This is an easy growing variety and is stress resistance to temperatures, underwatering, and mildews.


9lb Hammer is (Gooberry x Jesus OG Kush) from Jinxproof 


9lb hammer was a strain we recieved many years ago and never left our mind due to the heavy indica effects. This pheno hunted in house presents a fresh squeezed orange juice with artificial grape flavor, and has dense internodal spacing to compliment the large buds. Flower time if a little longer than normal but is definitely a strain to keep around.


Fruit Fight is (Ninja Fruit x Man o' War) by Pathetic Genetics


The male that we have selected was hunted in a 100 seed run trying to find a vigorous resistant male. We came across a stud that expressed a crazy loud gassy kush aroma from the stem, and when flowering we noticed that it had expressed the vibrant colors that we look for in the fruit fight breed. There were many great candidates but we are very excited with our selection.


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