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Sour Slime is ('96 East Coast Sour D x Fruit Fight)


The flavor meter goes off the chart with this one, expressing gassy pineapple and peach smoothie terps with the trichome consistency of slime. This strain is amazing for solvent extracts and leaves you with pools of terpenes. Expect shorter plants with a slow stretch. Below you can find information about the exact parents used to create this cross.


'96 East Coast Sour Diesel is (Sour D x Sour D) from Lorax 315 / Empire Novelties 


This plant and specifically the pheno that we found has the craziest gatorade terpenes. Sour D boasts a very fast veg time with dense nodal spacing even in low light situations, which helps greatly in terms of yield. The trichomes are very greasy rather than sticky right away and makes some nuts tasting live resin. A true legend never dies.


Fruit Fight is (Ninja Fruit x Man o' War) by Pathetic Genetics


The male that we have selected was hunted in a 100 seed run trying to find a vigorous resistant male. We came across a stud that expressed a crazy loud gassy kush aroma from the stem, and when flowering we noticed that it had expressed the vibrant colors that we look for in the fruit fight breed. There were many great candidates but we are very excited with our selection.


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