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These are untested genetics, for half the price. This strain may or may not make it through testing and into the normal store based on what we find.


Picture shown is the seeded mother, Lemonade MAC


Lemonade MAC is (Lemonade Larry x MAC) from Lorax 315 


There are many lemon strains but not many test high like this one. Flavor is number one on this cross! The structure exhibits close nodes, very maliable branches and stringy leaves. This plant does not stretch as tall as a normal sativa lemon cross which makes it more viable for any grower rather than just a hobby situation.


Fruit Fight is (Ninja Fruit x Man o' War) by Pathetic Genetics


The male that we have selected was hunted in a 100 seed run trying to find a vigorous resistant male. We came across a stud that expressed a crazy loud gassy kush aroma from the stem, and when flowering we noticed that it had expressed the vibrant colors that we look for in the fruit fight breed. There were many great candidates but we are very excited with our selection!


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