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Snowball Fight is (Snowball x Fruit Fight)

This is an amazing blend of two heavy yielding, easy growing plants that bring heavy chem gas flavor and strong mildew resistance. This strain is a great choice for outdoor growing especially in shorter seasons due to it's fast finishing time. Snowball Fight is an all around winner for us, bringing high hash yields and a refreshing new flavor to the table while having great colorful looking flower makes this strain very versatile even in the fresh new cannabis industry. Below is a description of the parent plants we used to make this cross.


Snowball is (The White x Chem 4 OG) from Ethos Genetics 


Snowball is one of our heaviest yielding strains, and the effects are very strong. This cut has a very high resistance to stresses and mildews. Veg time is fast, structure has very tight nodal spacing and stays bushy. Flavor profile is diesel gas, coffee and a wasabi burn on the nose hairs. Yield is very high, and finishes in 56 days.


Fruit Fight is (Ninja Fruit x Man o' War) by Pathetic Genetics


The male that we have selected was hunted in a 100 seed run trying to find a vigorous resistant male. We came across a stud that expressed a crazy loud gassy kush aroma from the stem, and when flowering we noticed that it had expressed the vibrant colors that we look for in the fruit fight breed. There were many great candidates but we are very excited with our selection.


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