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Sasquatch Pie is (Malibu Pie x (GG4xMAC)

Bred by @Big.Chof


This plant has a medium height and a bushy structure, with intense gassy kush aromas that can sometimes smell of citrus and cherries. Above average yields and crazy dense buds make this strain a must have for any pie lovers, but it can please anyone that favors kush profiles. Indica dominant



Malibu Pie is (Key Lime Pie x Alien Rift) from Ocean Grown Seeds 


This plant has a very full, bushy structure and is great for extracts. The flavor is very intense with flavors ranging from cherry to citrus and some gas. Malibu Pie will fade out showing beautiful colors of maroon, and the buds may show some color making the bag appeal second to none.


(GG4xMAC) is a cross from Lorax315


The male that we have selected had a very big and dense flower structure with insanely vigorous growth, with a forgiving structure that stretched nicely and had good nodal spacing.


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