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These are untested genetics, for half the price. This strain may or may not make it through testing and into the normal store based on what we find.


Picture shown is the mother, Clementine Krush bred by Medgrower1. 


Clementine Krush is (Mimosa x Primal Punch)


We selected this phenotype due to the massive amount of resin, the size of the trichome heads, and the mimosa terpenes that show through. Clem Krush is very resistant to all mildews, roots very fast, and is amazing for extracts. The bud structure is small but that does not neccesarily affect the yield due to how fast the veg times are. This is one you want to look for, when making solventless extracts.


Runtz V2 is (Runtz x Runtz) from KRE8 Genetics


The male that we have selected showed exactly what we were looking for, while keeping the original runtz structure. The male was very, very vigorous and expressed many colors, there were clusters of trichomes on the male sacs within two weeks of flowering. The plant smelled strong on the stem and had a peppery-perfume aroma. 


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