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(Snowball x Runtz V2)

This cross surprized us with amazing yields!! There are three main phenos to expect. The first being very close to the mother that expressed a gassy chemdog flavor and forearm sized buds. The second was a perfect mix or the two, with bright orange pistils, a good balance of purple and green, and an amazing candy chem situation. Third pheno had longer nodal spacing, had more golfball shaped buds and smells very close to the original Runtz. Overall there are so many keepers depending on what you look for!




Snowball is (The White x Chem 4 OG) from Ethos Genetics.


Snowball is a cut received from a local that absolutely bangs out resin covered massive nugs. This cut has a very high resistance to stresses and mildews. Veg time is fast, structure has very tight nodal spacing and stays bushy. Flavor profile is diesel gas, coffee and a wasabi burn on the nose hairs. Yield is very high.


Runtz V2 is (Runtz x Runtz) from KRE8 Genetics


The male that we have selected showed exactly what we were looking for, while keeping the original runtz structure. The male was very, very vigorous and expressed many colors, there were clusters of trichomes on the male sacs within two weeks of flowering. The plant smelled strong on the stem and had a peppery-perfume aroma. 


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